Emara- Emirates' Hero

Emara- Emirates' Hero

Emara: the emirates hero Edit


Emara: the Emirates hero (إمارة) is an American-Arab 5 episode miniseries produced by Eating Stars Studios. The first episode was uploaded to YouTube on the 18th May 2018.

the project started in 2016.


The story runs about Emara the new hero of the UAE who use a strange ability where she could form her arms to any sort of weapon (Real name: Moza). She and her mother ran a cafe' after her father passed away, no one really knows where she got her power, however, another hero arrived.

Trying to work with her for heroship is Dhabian who turns his legs to rockets (true name: sultan), who is secretly working with an agency lead by Zaina with her assistant

which till now seemed mysterious.
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the heroEdit

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